Memory Loss

Kali Phos 30x (cell salts) in the evening; Acid Phos 30 in the morning - is a good general protocol


Ruta 6 and Calc Phos 3x alternately certainly helps and is very reliable to use for several months and years by Dr. P Banerji. It is a KAYA KALPA in Ayurvedic Medicine

BACOPA PLUS is a reliable supplement by Ayush. Another supplement is PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE. Both are safe to use and do helps especially when taken together..

Do not use Ruta6/Calc Phos and BACOPA PLUS/PHOS.. together. Try one at a time.


Of the young (under 40): Calc Phos 6x, immediately after each food and Kali Phos 6x, twice a day supplies the nutrients.
Of the aged, the above measure may be insufficient. However try the above still. If does not help much the following will be needed:
Conium 6c in wet dose, once a day till desired effect is seen
Lycopodium 30c in wet dose, once in 2 days, then less frequently. Its power to improve digestion can make nutrient assimilation well and hence address the fundamental issue, instead of supplementing nutirent to the already poor assimilating system.
Qian Ceng Ta is the TCM name for Lycopodium and it has proven to be of benefit for memory loss in thier hands. Google for further information: ;
============= seems a good plan ===========================
  • 1.Take 30C potency of the homeopathic remedy known as Alumina daily. Alumina helps to clear up confusion as well as reduce memory impairment. Discontinue use of this treatment if you see no improvement after a week.

  • 2 Take 30C potency of the homeopathic remedy known as Lycopodium, twice per day, if you have trouble recalling words. This treatment also works well if you struggle to remember basic information, like names or your address.

  • 3 Take 30C potency of the homeopathic remedy known as Natrum Sulphuricum to help slow the progress of Alzheimer's Disease. This treatment also works well for people that were recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and are having a tough time emotionally dealing with the diagnosis.
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