Insomnia, Sleeplessness

Good and peaceful night sleep of 8+ hours is needed for healthy living.
Chronic sleep trouble, including dreams are frequently found to root from poor digestion.  If digestion is entirely fixed, good sleep is restored.

<Gnana Mudra in the bed, while lying down, for 15 minutes or so, can restore balance in the mind>
Take only one medicine at a time and switch to other medicine, only if that does not work:
For Men: Phytolacca 6, every night, before going to sleep - healty way of sleeping*
For Women: Bellis Per 30, every night, before going to sleep. This is safe to continue for several months.

Make sure the bed is in the East-West direction. Your head should be either on east or west (never on North or South).

Other useful remedies.
Sarasaparilla 30c, 2 drops in 10ml water, before going to sleep*
Nitric Acid 6, 4 tablets, before going to sleep, for 3 or 4 days only. Dont repeat for another month*
Nux Vomica 30, 4 tablets, before going to sleep for 4 days only. Repeat after 10 days if necessary.
*(removes syphilitic toxins)
L-Ornithine 500mg (Amino Acid supplement) is a wonderful blessing to restore sleep pattern permanently. Take 3 tabets, each night on empty stomach for one week only.  It remove excessive ammonia (that stimulates brain) from the body. The source is typically parasites in the body - Have excellent clinical results, even when every other known remedy fails!
Heathly sleep induces are:
1. Common oats. This is sold as a tincture in Homeopathic Shops, named Avena Sativa Q. Take 10 to 20 drops in the15ml of  warm water, before going to bed.
2. Garlic diced into hot milk and boiled for 10 minutes and then drinking this milk benefits good night sleep
Medicines that helps to induce sleep: (use this only if the above protocol did not benefit you. Try one at a time, in the given order)
1. Coffea 30c, every night is the specific
2. Cypripedium 30, every morning for 1 week only can reduce stimulation of brain and put one to restful sleep
3. Ambra Grisea 6, twice a  day for 1 month - cannot sleep from worry; must get up. Weakened by age or overwork.
These medicine when takens for few weeks will slowly restore this trouble:  
Once a week, take Nux Vomica 30 in the evening and Ars Alb 30 in the morning. No other medicines on these two days.
The medicines below addresses the underlying cause and restore permananent restoration of heatlh
Bellis Per 30, every evening and Kali Brom 6x, 4 tablets in the night are found to greatly help. Cocculus 30 in the alternate morning can be added to these medicines to enhance blood circulation, another important factor.