TCM Pulse Diagnosis: Right hand, 2nd finger from the wrist (Lung, Digestion and Sexual organ, in this order on right hand; Heart, Liver and Kidney on the left hand)

1. Lack of heat: Use Triple heat meridian (Sedation and Tonification points) to find whether the body lacks heat or in excess of heat). Silicea 6x and Kali Phos 6x together helps to build the heat and regain the pulse strength. Avoid food that is cold, Surya Mudra (folding Earth finger down and placing Fire finger on the top of it - increase fire, reduce earth).

2. Excess of water, as verified by either keeping the water finger (pinky) down or above the fire (thumb) finger: Natrum Sulph 200, once a day for a few weeks

Possible food allergy always is there underlying gastric trouble. Most common is "coconut". Digesting coconut is made easy with Carbo Veg 30

To recover from Chronic digestive trouble:
Vajrasana, immediately after each food, for 5 to 10 minutes. This simple posture has proven to be of high benefit.
diluted yogurt, 2 glass full each day is a must. 1 table spoon full in one glass is the maximum yogurt you can add. If you add more, it gets stuck in the stomach. digest is engough to reach intestines and add benefit there. Add a little salt for taste. The closest alternate is "Garden of Life Probiotics" or
Medicine Name: Mag Mur 6 (benefits liver)
Dosage: In wet dose, once a day in the morning, every day. Take for 6 months to 1 year continously. It takes several months for the liver and other organs to recover.
Medicine 2: Lycopodium 30 (to enhance toxic elimination)
Dosage: Take, one dose in the morning, but only once in a week.  Continue this for a few months and then take less frequently, say once in 2 weeks
Take both Mag Mur 6c (Daily) and Lycopodium 30 (once a week) for several months for permanent restoration of digestive health.
If there is systemic weakness (chronic weakness of the body), take Kali Bromatum 6x, 4 tablets, every night before going to bed.
Forum (dakersaab)
 fulliness, acidity upwards, bulkiness, low digestion, sour taste in mouth:
 take CHINA 30c & CARBO VEG 30c alternately two times each with a gap of about 4 hours for a week & see the change. This will certainly give you rlief but may require change in the lifestyle as well.
To improve digestion in Cold, Winter and Rainy times:
 Dosage  Medicine     Note
 1st Dose  Ars Alb 30                                 
 2nd Dose  Merc Sol 30 and Ignatia 30 together   30 minutes after the first dose
How often to repeat: Take 1st and 2nd dose, once in the morning and once in the evening.
How long to take: Continue for a week and then stop.
Other potential benefit from this protocol: restore suppresed mensuration
To improve digestion in Summer:
Antimonium Crud 30 - 1 dose, morning and evening for 1, 2 or 4 weeks based on your improvement
Temporary indigestion (After heavy meals or so)
Pulsatila 6 or 30, 1 dose after food. Helps to expedite digestion.

Gas in stomach, belching

First dose: Belladonna 30 - 1 dose 
Second Dose: 30 minutes after the first dose, take Merc Sol 30 - 1 dose
Repeat the above sequence, once in the morning and once in the evening.  Continue for a week and then stop.
Supporting Optional Protocol: Beat 1 clove of garlic and swallow on empty stomach in the morning, as soon as you get up, with a little water. Just swallow and avoid garlic touching your teeth.