High Cholestrol

Myrica Q, 2 drops, twice a day, Thuja 30x - every evening (E)

LASUNA by Himalaya
these two medicines when taken has shown significant reduction in Cholestrol..
Taking High Concentrate Fish Oil with DHA seems a very essential addition. See Amazon review.
Carlson Labs Very Finest Liquid Fish Oil:
Triglycerides were reduced from 309 to 169 in 12 months, taking 2 table spoons per day. HDL went from 38 to 61. Good news for someone like me who does not want to take any meds.
Niacin and Fish Oil when taken together is a well known natural medicine to reduce Cholestrol
Almonds = 3 per head
Walnut, 1 cup or less for 3 heads
Sunflower seed = 1/2 cup for 3 heads
Dates 1 or 2 per head
Flaxseed oil = 1 teaspoon per head
Carlson Labs Norwegian Natural Vitamin E Cod Liver Oil, Lemon, 500ml, Glass Bottle
taking 1 TSP of Carlson's Cod Liver oil everyday with a bowl of oatmeal
Ayurvedic Tablet ABANA of Himalayan drugs co. 2 tablets twice a day for a month & then reduce to one tablet twice daily also is a very good medicine for setting right the lipid profile (daktersaab in abchomeopathic forum. Not tested)