Eye Sight Improvement

Myopia, works (follow the potencies as given below)

Natrum Mur 6x and Calc Phos 3x, one tablet each, together once daily
Embelia Ribes Q, one drop or four pills, every 3 days


Medicines that had definite action on improving eye sight.
Arnica 30c, in wet dose, every night, before going to sleep. Effects of watching TV, working long hours on computers, aging, etc are addressed by this medicine, in addition to improving the systemic health.
Phos 200 is a magic remedy, when taken only once a week, to remove eye pain from watching computers and TV. This seems to fix pancreatin. Another supplement which has the equal benefit is PANCREATIN 1300 from Solaray or similar companies. This is a digestive enzyme and magically works to clear the main, when taken for 3 to 4 days. 
Argentinum Nit 6c, once in the moring, every other day.  Never take this medicine at the 30 or 200 potency  Continue for only 2 weeks.
Take this medicine for 3 months:
Kali Phos 3x (6x is not effective), 3 tablets, 4 times in a day. Use for one month and then follow with Kali Mur 6x, in the same way. After a month, give Calc Sulph 6x, in the same way.
 Hospital specialized in treating eye disease (do not know about the outcome, just came across this hospital)=====================================
Prakash Nethralaya & Panchakarma Kendra,
4/18, Surya Path, Jawahar Nagar, Near Seedling School
Jaipur, Rajasthan, INDIA.
Contact No. 0141-2650121, 09314090487, 09602823573.
e-mail - info@ayurprakash.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Note: Supplements that has billberry, Lutein and Eyebright together has great benefits in improving the vision, but seems to benefit only as long as it is taken. Search in Amazon.com for user reviews
Carbon Sulph 30c, take only once or twice a week. No other medicine on that day
Notes from the post in abc forum:
There is a herbal nutrition to the eyes and I tried on many of my patients with excellent success. It is called PUNARNAVA in English and Mookiratai in Tamil. Siddha Medical system appreciates this as, who takes this will be able to see moon in the day light. It certainly benefits even in ths modern world.  If you live in India, you can get it from your local ayurveda/siddha medical stores or it is even available online. If you cannot get it, make sure you consume curry leaf every day. The best way is to shade dry and slow grind them without heat. Use this powder with rice, every day in the lunch.
In terms of excercise, there are many books available and I encourage you to buy a few and see which one fits you. Sri Aurobindo Eye clinic in Pondicherry, India is the best as I know, who teaches eye excercise and reverses eye disorders.

Combination from one source, not verified:
Every morning: Staph 30, Calc Flour 6x, Asfla 6x, Amna 6x
Every Night: Eupharsia 30, Sepia 200, Alumina 30