Constipation (Candida, Fungus) - related to food allergy

Large intestine and Colon complaints are closely associated with Fungus and Candida. Stop or avoid taking fruits that promote fungus:
All berries (see how quickly it gets the fungus when left outside)
Nuts (only roasted nuts. Raw nuts often have fungus)
Orange (see a white coating in them)
Tea (tea leaves is found to have fungus)
Egg (dont know why, but found to disagree for most). Pasteur fed eggs are perfectly agreeably)
Milk: Only Pasteur fed cows. All other milk including labelled as Organic should be avoided (Organic milk are just fed with Organic Corns, unless it explicitly says 100% Pasteur fed)

The most effective remedy to drive Candida and Fungus from our system are:

1. Graphites 30 and Lycopodium 30, together (once a day for 3 days and then once a week for some more time). Lyco 30 drys the body. You will often see the fungus complaints are aggravated during rainy season, since moisture promotes fungus.  Graphites is a strong anti-fungal, but unless given with Lyco 30, it struggles to eliminate fungus.

2. Kali Mur 30, every evening only if the above protocol is ineffective

3. Mezerium 6, Antimonium Crud 30, Natrum Sulph 30 are other remedies that has clinically benefited these patients.

Kali Mur 6x, 4 tablets, mixed in .1/2 glass of warm water, before going to sleep makes the bowel movement better in the morning. This is sufficient in most simple cases.
Alumen 30 and Alumina 30 alternately, one dose in a day is effective to restore blood circulation and paretic effect of the bowel systemys ia
Silicea 200 - 1 dose, every morning for 3 days only