Common Cold, Sneezing

 First stage of cold (helps, only if you start as soon as symptom starts)
Courtesy: Dr. Prosod Banerjii, book: Prescriber)
 Dosage  Medicine     Note
 1st Medicine  Ferrum Phos 6x    

Put 10 tablets (dont try less than 10 tablets) in 1/4 glass of warm water and drink all.  Repeat this every 1 to 2 hours. In most cases, this alone is sufficient.

Another very effective protocol found to address the first stage of cold is EUPATORIUM PERF 30c in wet dose, repeat every 2 to 4 hours.
For 3rd stage: Kali Bich 30, one dose in the morning, once a day for a few days. Antim Tart 30 the same way, if you dont see the result after 1 or 2 days.
Cold, Sneezing, Phlegm in throat (helps both for acute and chronic cold) 
 Dosage  Medicine     Note
 1st Medicine  Calc Carb 30   one dose only.
 2nd Medicine  Phos 30  one dose only, roughly 12 hours after taking the 1st medicine. If very acute cold, take 4 hours after 1st dosage.
 3rd Medicine  Lycopodium  30   one dose only, roughly 12 hours after taking the 2nd medicine. If very acute cold, take 4 hours after 2nd dosage.
If the cold continues even after giving the above 3 medicines, taken once, it is likely to be traces of flu. (like the month of Oct), Give wet dose of EUPATORIUM PERF 30, repeated every hour, not more than 4 doses in a day. This works magic, when the above medicine fails.
For 2nd or 3rd stage of cold and if Calc Carb, Phos and Lyco did not help much, give Kali Bichrom 30, one dose in a day, till most phlegm clears.
Throat Pain, Sore Throat: See Throat Pain
First dose: Drosera 30 - 1 dose 
Second Dose: 1 hour after the first dose, take Nux Vomica 30 - 1 dose
Repeat the above sequence, twice or thrice in the same day, only if cough continues.   Otherwise, stop continuing.  If cough is not better, give Ipeca 30 - 1 dose, each time, as a third dose.
Honey spread on Betal leaves (Vetrilai) when taken magically helps cough.