Candida, Fungus

Candida environment (living, working place) needs careful evaluation. Electrical signal (low freq) can change the env, after cleaning

Protocol 1:
Graphites 30, once a day for a few weeks, after that 200, less frequently (once in 4 days) is a great remedy.

Protocol 2: (only one of the protocol must be followed. Graphites is highly preferred)

Flouric Acid 6, two drops, every 3rd day (once in 3 days) for 3 months. 

Hair fall and baldness is often the proneness to fungus, due to syphilis. Flouric Acid 6 corrects it at the root and hair grows again

Avoid or stop CORN and Corn derived products. Cows are fed with corn and hence milk is a product of corn (Organic milk is from cows fed with organic corns!!). The most amazing milk products is grass fed milk available in whole foods.

To improve digestion and drive fungus out of the body, take ABROTANUM 6, every day for 3 weeks. This can be taken on other days when Flouric Acid is not taken.

Day 1: Flouric Acid 6
Day 2 and Day 3: Abrotanum 6
Day 4: back to Flouric Acid and cycle continues for 3 months


Candida, Fungus,...

PHOSPHORUS 200, once in 4 days. Bryonia 6, three times a day. These clears all molds and bacteria. During the same time, you can also add BERBERIS VUL 6 (or Golden Thread Supreme, from supreme nutrion products) for even be more effective (AK, June 15,. 2013)

Antimonium Crud 30, every night, before going to sleep for 3 to 4 days. Repeat after a few days if necessary.
You can also take Phytolacca 6 in the same way after Antimonium Crud 30.
Acid Nit 6c, one a day for 1 week only will crear the root of this problem (thrush)
Only if the above measure is insufficient
Berberis Vul 6 in wet dose, twice a day for a month
On alternate days, take Kali Iod 30, in wet dose, once in the morning