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Ruta 6 and Calc Phos 3x is a very promising remedy for brain cancer/tumors

stop taking corn, corn products, berries (as recommended by Gerson), nuts (like almonds, peanuts) - to control and eliminate fungus

For weakness of cancer, Conium Mac 6, one dose, followed by Thuja 30 in 30 minutes. Repeat this daily. This can also clear the energies associated with Cancer. This helps to clear cancer and improve strength.

The three pillars:
To alkalize the system and clear pathogens: Thuja 30x in the night, Pulsatilla 30 in the morning. Continue this until urine and blood lab test shows normal range.

To nourish the blood: Ferrum Phos 6, Calc Phos 6x alternately. Occasional dose of Natrum Mur 30 (once a week or longer) is very beneficial. Only in the morning hours

Antioxidant: Ferrum Phos 6 and Ruta 6 alternately. Found very effective - clears pathogens, improves mental state etc. 

An example dose: 
First thing in the morning: Pulsatilla 30 (clears acidity accumulated in the night) 
Calc Phos 6x after breakfast and lunch
Ferrum Phos 6, before breakfast and lunch (improves assimilation of food)
Ruta 6, one hour after breakfast (clears lymph)
Thuja 30x in the night (clears pathogens, promotes sound sleep)

Sleep: Power off all electrical device (including alarm clock, cell phone, laptop, TV) in the bed room, before going to sleep. Stay away from walls, as electrical outlet can still produce body voltage.
Cloth: Use cotton cloth only to prevent any Electro static voltages in the cloth (ESD)
Clear energy: Remove all crystal from home. They are large source of energy. When the vitality is weak, even good ones for a long time can be stressing. Waking up 3AM in the morning is correlating with some disturbing energy in home or otherwise.
Light Candle: Light a candle for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. Make sure the light from candle can be seen even indirectly for most of the time.


Arnica 6 in wet dose (4 times a day) and Natrum Phos 6x (along with food, 2 tablets) is the first one to start - to bring chakras to balance, so that any medicine can work under this baseline.<continue for one to two weeks>

To increase the strength: (extremely critical): Ferrum Phos 6c, 4 pills and Calc Phos 6x, 3 tablets (cell salt) alternately really helps. Their Hgm level improves, they can stand the impact of chemo more smoothly. Improves assimilation of food and helps to digest food that were previously shown allergic in AK.

to clear lymph: Calc Phos 6x and Ruta 6 alternately, up to 2 doses each. This is P Banerji's Protocol for Brain tumor, but this helps every patients.

fungus seems the foundation. To clean them, Thuja 30x, in wet dose, 3 times a day, shaking the bottle hard each time. Along with it, Nitric Acid 6c, four pellets, but only once in 4 days. Absolutely stop taking nuts and berries. They promote fungus.

This is only a supplemental doses to the primary treatment.

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 Manioc - eat this yam fresh, every day in the food. This seems to start its benefit right in 2 weeks. (Joepathy). the waxy coating in the yam is not truly manioc yam.  tried on 12 people so far and 100% works (in sri lanka)
Vitamin B17 -
Apricot seed - 1/2" dia. smash, take the kernel, liquidize and eat (like almonds), 10 a day for a few months. Within a month, you should see a large difference.

Identify what is stressing your body the most and remove them (recover):
blood toxin: Flora essence
radiation: anti oxidant, Climbing brinjal. stay away from cell phone, cell phone tower, direct heat of sun, cordless phone,
mental stress: meditation,
diet: Gerson (Green juice)  ??

Cancer the Forbidden Cures - Full Documentary

seems worth watching:

what is cancer: Link:

1. Breath deep to increase oxygen (climbing brinjal; FP 6x, Arnica); stress free (Phyto, ); alkaline (Nat Phos)

Blackstrap Organic Unsulphured Molasses:
So let that be a lesson for those in trouble with Cancer. Stop adding toxic poisons to a toxic body, stop eating unlive foods and get real food. Cancer is toxicity and Deficiency. You need a cleanse and fully working bowel along with a functioning Liver, Pancreas and Immune system. Herbal treatment and Chiropacting along with Acupunture, Hydration and nutrition is the only way to defeat Cancer. This is by going directly to the cause of the problem not the symptom. Lots of high levels of organic Potassium in Blackstrap. Potassium helps stop the proliferation of the Cancer cells (stops spreading).. A body full of Potassium and Iodine cannot get Cancer. One of the greatest herbs is Red Clover which is an excellent blood cleanser like Burdock Root. Blood must be clean. Another great blood cleaner and Cancer fighter is raw Beetroot either solid or juiced. Use the Pineapple and Papaya's daily for Bromelaine and Papain Proteolytic Enzymes to destroy Cancer cell shielding allowing Immune System in. Echinacea wonderful for blood cleansing and Immune system health. Then of course Boneset for Immune health. The pancreas dysfunction causes the lack of Enzmes to fight the Cancer. Enzymes work but they are not the whole cause they are a part. Blackstrap is a life safer! Whenever your ill take a tablespoon or two a day along with Cayenne Pepper.