2 - General Instructions

General Instruction to take Homeopathic Medicine: -
One dose is 4 pellets, prefered to take it in empty stomach. Dont touch in hand, but drop it from the bottle cap to your mouth directly. - dont drink water along with the medicine. Dont drink or eat any thing for 30 minutes before the medicine or after the medicine.
Few example time to take medicine: 1. Early morning as soon as you get up, wash your mouth with plain water (dont brush), take 4 pills, then wait for 30 minutes. Then brush and continue your day
2. Take the medicine around 10 AM (usually the stomach is half empty and that is fine. Similarly, evening 4 PM is another great time
General Instructions:
1. Avoid Coffee, Tea anthed Tobacco in any form
2. Apply no external ointment or any lotion for itching or any skin disease. This will drive the toxins inside instead of taking them out.
Buying Medicines: 
Medicine quality is very important. In India, HAPCO is the best. You can also buy German Medicine from good vendor (so he truly gives what he claims).
To buy Pellet form: Buy 1 dram Pills form, preferably in 40 size Pills
To buy Liquid dilution: Buy 15ml liquid dilution
To buy Mother Ticture: Buy 15ml Mother tincture.  German Medicines are prefered over any Indian Brands for Mother Tinture, since most Indian Manufacturer uses dry roots/leaves are the source of plants, instead of the recommended extraction from fresh plants. If you are in US, Boiron is a good brand.
How to Measure Temperature:
Buy a Professional accuracy Digital Thermometer. Avoid buying FAST READ thermometers. (It cost under $10 in US to buy Vicks brand, high quality thermometer) 
Before you wake up from bed, in the morning, hold the thermometer under the arm for 2 full minutes (to heat the sensor). Make sure the sensor tip is touching your body, not just the hairs there). After 2 or 3 minutes, turn on the thermometer and wait for it to report the final reading. (usually it beeps) - Repeat the above step once or even twice, immediately on the same time, to make sure the reading is consistent. - Repeat this for 3 consecutive days and take the average or two readings that is close enough to each other.
Preparing Wet dose
 The wet dose is made up as follows: Insert 2 drops of the Liquid Dilution or 3 pellets of the remedy into a 500ml bottle of spring water If you cannot get spring water, use purified water (like RO) or boiled water, but make sure the water has no chlorine. Shake the bottle hard 10 times every time before taking a teaspoonful which is the dose. This is taken once or twice daily, as recommended.
Please write 2 information, when you reply back: a) The country and state where you live in b) are you hot blooded or cold blooded. Hot blooded: This means you prefer a little cold atmosphere (due to toxic retention and body is trying to eliminate by heating the body internally) Cold blooded: This means you cannot tolerate when it is cold outside (due to internal weakness)