Teeth health

It is extremely important to have a healthy teeth for healthy body. The health of the body is seen in the teeth. 

This is good for all ages (including preventing cavity for children)

- to improve digestive health, Zandu Pancharisthta, only in the night (half of the recommended dose is very sufficient or just one teaspoon ful) for 3 months only. This helps to build good bacteria
- To improve bone heath (teeth is a bone), the natural way is to take small amount of Amla in the morning (only in the morning).  Use for 3 months only and then give a long gap.
- "val bean" to improve gall bladder health (digest calcium and vit d)

Tooth Powder, tested great
1/2kg each, except 6th (only 10gm).
1. கற்பூர சலா  சத்து
2. கல் நாறு
3. படிகாரம்
4. பெப்பர் மிண்ட் சால்ட்
5. ஓமம் சால்ட்
6. பச்சை கர்ப்பூரம்

Available in Tamil Naatu Marunthu kadai (example, Kumbeswaran Koil Street, Kumbakonam)

Vit D and K, both fat soluble vitamins are responsible for keeping the teeth cavity free. Gall bladder becomes important to protect from cavity

Ferrum Phos 6x
Mag Phos 6x
Natrum Mur 6x

Selenium 6

The bio-chemic medicines are necessary to make Selenium digest. Never take Selenium without these bio chemics
The same formula supports prostate health in old age.

Mix this, three tablets each, take twice a day. Also see Digestive heath under prevention