Flu and Common Cold

Eupatorium Perf 200c, in wet dose, once a week during flu season....

Nose block: Lycopodium 30c, one dose in the night is clinically proven to work

Calc Carb, Phos and Lyco, one dose of each, with 1 hour gap dries the running nose. but should be taken after the inflamatory stage is over (typically in the second day). This is a magic combination.

Simone in abch...forum: Hi-another thing you can do to speed up healing on this is get something like Ocean Premium sterile nasal spray.
It is a sterile salt water wash for your nostrils. Look it up and find something like it where you are- don't get anything medicated.
One of my family had what you have, and ENT told him to use the spray 3 times a day, now he only uses it once a week or so when dust or pollen is heavy. It has solved the problem bc nothing can stay in there long enough to irritate the nose. http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/358923

Optional. dont take this unless you try Homeopathic solution. This has yeast in it and may not fit everyone. beta glucan 10mg with Vitamin C (solaray is an example). Read amazon review