3 - Prevention and Keeping Fit

By far. the most proven protocol to keep fit for ages above 50 is Joepathy - Arnica 30, in wet dose, once or twice a day. continue for  your lifetime, as he continues to prove for the last 20+ years

Maintaining the health of Chakras, through moderate exercise - Yoga is time proven, with some very simple pranayama exercise

If there is any pain, anywhere in the body, stay away from sour food (tamarind and others). Antimonium Crud 30, every day for one week only will expedite sour elimination (also fungus elimination, as a result of sour deposit in the body), which will pave way for health improvement,

If there is any sore spots in the spine, take Symphytum 200 and Calc Phos 3x together, every other day, until the sore spot disappears.  With this, the digestion of calcium will enhance. Hence, you must take food rich in calcium. You can repeat Calc Phos 3x only, twice a day for several weeks, with occasional dose of Symphytum 200. Spine is the energy connection to every organs (as shown in the picture below). Hence improving spine, improves any condition

Use 100% cotton cloths. They have a large influence in keeping chakras healthy. Multicolored cloths are better than single color ones. Striped design disturbs the energy flow. small flowered multi-color cloths are better.

Avoid any good stuff on "Sandrashtami". It is a day of fight. Each day one natchatiram has Sandrashtami.

Place of living (your home)

This plays a critical role in maintaining good health. Keep it clean and clutter free. Remove all source of strong energies like crystals (gem stones). Sleep in East West direction only. Test for food allergies (real time dowsing technique) while inside the home and compare when standing outside. 

How to undo a curse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-SP3qvHBbs&spfreload=5

Pancha Bootham

Earth - ARASA MARAM (Life)

the picture shows here the importance of spine curvature and maintaining it to have a healthy organs

Preventive medicines

Inflammation, Oxidation and Pathogens are the top 3 causes

Anti Inflammatory remedies: (tested using Sugar as a stressor)

Most effective protocol: (verified on many patients. Gives ability to process sugar and hence nutrition assimilation from fruits)
#1: Natrum Mur 30, followed by Lycopodium 30 after 1 to 2 hours. Repeat once, twice or three times in a week, based on the intensity of treatment needed

Strong Anti Inflammatory remedies
Natrum Mur 30
Ars Alb 30

Mid level:
Bryonia 6
Aconite 30
Lycopodium 30

Group 3 (for maintenance only)
Ruta 3
Arnica 6
Belladonna 30
Ferrum Phos 6
Podophylum 30
Kreosotum 30
Senega 30
Kali Brom 6
Puls 30
Calc Carb 30

vitamin D assimilation o increase (also for MS)

Picric Acid 6 in the morning, on alternate days. Thuja 30 in the evening. Continue for one month.

Essentials Of Homeopathy-(Made Easy)

 By Bradley Kuhns, O.M.D., Ph.D.

Lack of exercise is an important factor in lowering the body resistance. No one can enjoy the best of health unless a certain amount of exercise is taken. Outdoor exercise is preferable to that taken indoors

Lack of sunshine is another cause of lowered vitality. The sun has a beneficial effect on the tissues and blood of the whole system

Insufficient fresh air has a tendency to lower the body resistance. The blood must be thoroughly oxygenated if one is to enjoy a high degree of health

Improper diet is an important factor pertaining to good health. The body cannot be properly nourished unless suitable foods are used to supply the body with the elements necessary to good health.

Fatigue is a menace to good health. This must be due to insufficient sleep or rest, or to long hours of work, or to certain occupations

Clothing may be the cause of lowered resistance if too much or too little is used. <Use cotton only clothes, with no electro static property>

Temperature of an excessive nature contributes to lowered resistance. Temperature of a room should not be very much above 70 degrees. Persons living in warm or hot climates usually lack the vigor and energy of those residing in the colder climates. Long exposure to cold, however, reduces body resistance.

Occupation of certain kinds affects the health of individuals. Long hours of constant sitting or standing do not permit sufficient exercise for all of the muscles of the body

Sleep is essential to good health. About eight hours of refreshing sleep are necessary for the average person. The room must be well ventilated and the mind free from worries or business cares. Persons who sleep during the day do not secure the rest that is obtained by sleeping at night

Bathing is conductive to good health. A cleansing bath at least once a week is necessary <Oil bath for example>. Cool or cold bath each morning is beneficial if reaction is complete.

Poisons have their effect on the health. Falls, blows, strains, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, poisons and certain chemicals are contributing factors in producing diseases. Painters and those working in certain chemical occupations often absorb poisonous materials through the skin. <Pesticides is another example>

Spinal causes subluxation of the vertebrae, contracted ligaments, or infiltration of the muscles have certain effect upon the health by interfering with the nerves and blood supply to the tissues and vital organs.

Mental causes. Undue emotion, worry, temper, grief and other excessive emotional disturbances have a detrimental effect upon the functions of the nervous system. Many symptoms of certain disorders can be removed when the mental causes are corrected

Excesses of various kinds interfere with good health. Sexual excesses and other intemperate indulgencies lower the vitality and resistance of the body, and for this reason are indirect causes of disease.