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Loose Motion, Diarrhea

Associated with poor digestion and leading to toxin accumulation, that the nature is trying to clear.
Medical advice from your local doctors is extemely critical to ensure continous protection from de-hydration.
Very effective Protocol #1:
Matchstick method
1. Hold a matchstick near a cupful of water, burn it with other matchstick and immediately dip the burning head (make sure it is still in the process of being ignited). Repeat this step with another matchstick.

2. Put the water in a one liter plastic bottle but half empty so we can shake it up vigorously. It gets difficult to shake water if bottle is almost full. Add two whole unburned matchsticks in the same water. Close the lid and shake the bottle vigorously for at least 50 times.

3. Medicine is instantly ready. Take a small spoon of water as remedy. Repeat the dose only if needed. You can remove both burned and unburned 4 matchsticks after two days and store the liquid in refrigerator to avoid the fermentation.

This remedy is safe for children but use only one drop in the water.
Protocol #2:
Aethusa 30 and Aloe 30 alternately, every 1 to 2 hours has proved extremely effective in several cases, when every other indicated and routine remedies fail to make any change. 
Common Routines: Ars Alb 200 (detox poisons) one dose, followed by Phos Acid 6 (strenghtern); Podophyllum 30 to improve digestion
In all cases, Priobiotics with every food is very effective - is a magic medicine. Garden of Life's KIDS probiotics is the one tried.
Stomach Flu, Vomitting only: Natrum Phos 6x, 1 tablet, before giving water, mixed with Probiotic water, promptly recovered in 4 hours - real magic! (mar 2012)