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Tooth Decay Prevention

It is all about keeping your gall bladder healthy. It emulsifies fat and make Vit D digest, in turn calcium, which is the building block

Mochai bean is the food source to improve the gall bladder and fight tooth decay. I was surprised that a similar post existed in the internet; Symphytum 30 once a week and Calc Phos 6x, twice a day is a Homeopathic path.

cathy marie says:

I know it sounds crazy but I did this and it worked! My mom heard this from a herbalist on internet TV. Split a raw dried pinto bean lengthwise (I bit it slightly until it popped into two pieces.) Place the flat side of the bean inside your gum next to the absess and go to bed. Next morning, no more absess! No kidding! Who would have dreamed such relief from the lowly pinto. Our Heavenly Father is so awesome!


Calc Carb 30c, one dose in the morning: Only on these days, Monday, Wed and Friday
Phos 30c, one dose in the morning: Only on this day: Saturday
Thuja 200c, one dose in the morning: Only once a month, on Sundays
Calc Phos 6x, every night, all days 
Take the above protocol for 3 months. It strengtherns the teeth and increase its density, resisting cavity. It also will increase the immunity and give resistance to catching cold.
Additional info:
search for curetoothdecay in youtube, posted by Ramiel Nagel. There is some good information in his message, although I dont buy his solution.  
Amazon Review:
 Wow - my first cavity ever has stopped hurting, January 2, 2012
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This review is from: Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend - Capsules (Health and Beauty)
AS soon as I started taking these and eating more fish and vegetables and less carbs, my tooth stopped hurting. I am trying to stick to the prescribed diet of Weston Price who said that certain foods built healthy teeth and can even stop dental caries from forming as well as HEAL cavities that have started. Since this is my first cavity and I'm a middle-aged person, I thought I'd give it a try. I am not one to run to a doctor or dentist without giving other methods a try. I will report back later to tell you if it's had a lasting affect and reversed the decay that had started. All things are possible when we believe!!!!! Thanks for making this product.