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ADHD, Hyper-active

This is the result of accumulation of irritating toxins in blood. A simple de-tox treatment has produced repeatedly great benefits.
Cyprepidum 6x, two tablets in the night before going to sleep. Continue as long as required. You will be impressed with the restul within a week. Always give a break of 2 days or more after a week of continous dose. If you have seen more than 80% better, stop for a few days and see whether he/she can do without it and continue only if needed.
For diet advice, please read this book.  - Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell-McBride
Dietery Supplement:: important addition is Fish Oil Concentrate Tablets. See Amazon review
Also Cod Liver oil. This also calms the mind.
Lac def 200, once a week is a valuable addition to calm the mind
Saccarum 30c is a valuable addition to dis-infect the digestive track of yeast (candida)
Other remedies found useful, but rarely neededL
- Apis Mel 30, twice a day for a few days.
- Antimonium Crud 30, twice a day for 3 days has a prompt action on making the child understand the instructions, without "contradicting"
- Acid Nitric 6 once in the night to fix the digestion, but rarely needed.
Belladonna 30 always ADD/ADHD cases, but the effects are temporary  (Kuldeep) http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/71858/

Dr. Sharma, http://www.drhomeo.com/autism-treatment/adhd-homeopathy/
The homoeopathic medicines found most helpful for ADHD were Stramonium, Cina and Hyoscyamus Niger. Stramonium was specifically indicated when children had many fears, or suffered symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. The children who were physically aggressive benefited the most from Cina, and, children with manic or sexualised symptoms responded favourably to Hyoscyamus Niger