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This website is a collection of medical advice we received from honest medical doctors around the world.  These Honest doctors cares only for the welfare of the humanity.  We will give the names of the doctors and honor them for sharing it to us. The site is under construction, please bear.
Simple, safe and straight to the point is what is the guiding principle of this collection. The collection is not restricted to one medical system. Most collections are centered around Homeopathy, since it is very affordable (low cost), safe and effective.  We respect every medical system and every thing has its own value without doubt.  
This collection is made for our personal and family use only.  We bear no responsibility what so ever otherwise.

If you have any health tips believed to be effective, safe and help to the humanity around the world, please send it to us. honestmedicaladvice @ gmail.com.

NEW, Aug 2014:
Thorn pricks, glass piece stuck under skin etc: Ommam with sarkarai. Mix in a small amount of water and tie with a piece of cloath is a PERFECT cure. Really amazing...Personal experience.