Grundtvig Learning Partnership ”MY HOME, NEST OF CULTURE”

The topic of the Project is global and systemic, standing upon the principles of the multicultural education. It encourages a modern approach of cultural identity supporting the fact that differences between nations are valuable in the context of continuous evolution of the European culture.
The main idea is based on the specificity of a house in different countries, its transformation in time, and the way it influences the dynamics of the family living within. These three aspects identify an historical process that contributes to the cultural identity - it looks at a house as a space of common life where inhabitants share values and attitudes and evolve as spiritual human beings. The differences and the similarity of the houses from past to present are to stand for a common framework in understanding and valuing each-others culture and promoting an enriching experience in diverse environments.
The participation in transnational initiatives in the Project where to share and compare methods, tools and experiences about the buildings, the personal dynamics and the way the two coexist will provide participants with the opportunity to become responsible citizens and open new possibilities for future partnerships and cooperation in a variety of fields in the social and educational area. An interactive portal on the analysis performed, a curriculum and a glossary for the multicultural education from the perspective of the adult education and a leaflet with cultural aspects from historical perspective on the background are to present Project’s work to the large public.
The cooperation with local community, the research visits and the involvement of people of different ages in an intergenerational approach facilitated by the peer learning ensure a bigger impact of our project.

As the culture is represented by one’s beliefs, way of life, art and customs shared and accepted, the practical aspect of the here proposed project brings a higher effect on the participants and increase the project’s impact.
Project’s motto is: ”A house is a story about a person and its culture. A home is a story about a family and its past.”

This project is funded with support from the European Commission.

This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.