History of the school- In 2000, the Choluteca regional ministry team concluded that vocational education was one of the biggest needs in the region. Vocational education was viewed as a great opportunity to facilitate community transformation. Vocational education could be used to teach skills which would enable graduates to obtain better jobs. 

As the Choluteca regional ministry team began seeking property to start a school, they were surprised to learn that another organization was planning to build a vocational school in that very same community. So, instead, over the next five years, churches were built, a clinic was established, and adult junior high educational programs were started in two communities.

Then, in the summer of 2006, the owners of the vocational school that had recently been built offered to turn the school over to World Gospel Mission, and classes began in September 2006.

Areas of Study- The vocational school offers students a choice of several areas of study: auto mechanics, computer,
welding, and sewing. There is a great need to add agriculture, electricity courses, and construction trades in the near future.

The need for sponsors- Since the school’s students are among the most economically disadvantaged in the area, they are
not able to pay fees to cover the expenses of their education. At times, partial economic support of the school has been available through governmental and non-governmental institutions. This income has typically only covered 60% of the school’s operating costs. The remaining income must be obtained from donations.

In the future, production facilities will be built. This will give us the opportunity to provide supervised job experience for each student. These new production facilities will serve to improve the quality of the student’s education, to provide a service to the community, and will also help the school become self-sustainable. Prior to graduation, each student will be placed in an internship in their specific area of study.