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Three year residency -- BY NATURALIZATION: Honduran nationality may be acquired by:
  • Central American by birth who has resided one year in Honduras.
  • Spaniards and Spanish-Americans by birth who have resided two years in Honduras.
  • Any person who has resided in Honduras for at least three years.
  • Person who has married a Honduran citizen (by birth).
  • Person granted citizenship by the Honduran National Congress.
  • Person admitted to Honduras for economic reasons, who has resided in Honduras for at least one year.
Honduras offers citizenship and naturalization not only to foreign born aliens, but to those who have no familial or historical ties with it. In this regard, approved people who complete all materials, pass health requirements, and fulfill the necessary residency under a legal visa may be eligible to become citizens. While formal notions of dual citizenship do not apply in Honduras, the Honduran naturalized citizen need not revoke or lose their previous citizenship to gain permanent residency or eventual naturalization.

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