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Fuel Pump

eMany Varadero-s of the first series (1998-2002) suffer from faulty fuel pump. The problem is explained in detail here:
Varadero Fuel Pump defect model 1998-2002

"The symptoms which could direct to the faulty fuel pump, are:
  • the engine does not run ‘smooth’ and gives the rider the feeling that he is losing power;
  • the engine drops power and gives the impression that the bike is running on ‘low’ fuel;
  • the engine stops running without warning or faulty indications;
  • the engine will not start although the battery is in good condition."

As my beast hit 60k on the clock, the defect appeared. The bike engine stopped running several times. I thought the problem had to do with the carbs but when I opened the fuel pump I found this:
       (Click for bigger image)
       (Click for bigger image) 

The pump has the following spec:
Pressure: ~3psi ( ~0.2bar)
Debit: ~120 liters per hour
Operating at 12V

This matches almost all fuel pumps for carburetor engines.

The page mentioned above are explains many possible solutions with modifications of the original pump or with possible replacement pumps. As the problem occurs also on the Africa Twin models I found that they fix the problem very successful by replacing the pump with the Facet® Cube Fuel Pump part# 40105.

The new pump is ready to be installed:

What the Facet Cube pump looks like:

The pump and the mounting plate of the original pump:

I decided to mount the pump directly to the mounting plate without the rubber shock mount from the original pump. Because of this I made straight one of the mounting plate tags.

Painted in Black:

The pump mounted on the plate:

And the plate is mounted on the bike:

Then - mounting of the fittings and the fuel lines. For the line from the fuel tank I put a new hose. The copper wire on the hose works as a spring and prevents the hose from folding.

NOTE: put a thread lock on the fittings because otherwise the pump will leak

The last step for me was to solder the cables from the new Facet pump to the existing cables.
Blue/Black(from the fuel cut relay) to the Red cable from the Facet pump
Green (ground) to the Black cable from the Facet pump

The pump was bought from the Rugged Roads: