Wiring Tips

I want my wiring modification to look OEM, so I would like new pins for several connectors. Where do I find these pins?

  1. First identify the OEM part number of the plastic connector terminal to which the pins belong. This is often not easy. For the engine wire harness, you will probably need the "Honda electrical connector catalog" part #13CNNA-2. Your dealer may or may not let you look through this. For other harnesses, go to the site www.bkhondaparts.com; put in your Honda's info; go to the electrical section; select front or rear "electrical connectors"; examine the shape of the connectors shown; and identify yours. Once you have the plastic connector terminal's part number, go to the last pages of technical service bulletin #95-023 for the Honda OEM part number of the single wire pigtail pin. Put the part number into an online OEM Honda parts dealer like www.bkhondaparts.com, and see if they have it. Dealers often sell the pigtail pins in packages of ten, running about $10-15 per package in 2008.
  2. Try googling for the part number obtained above. Often many valid hits come up. Companies other than the dealer that show promise for having the Honda pins and shells (such as OBD2 ECU plugs) are Tycoelectronics.com, digikey.com, AEM (various sites), AMP.
  3. Go to a junkyard and cannibalize pins.

        Thanks to honda-tech.com poster 94EG8 for much of the info in 1. and 2. above.

Where are excellent illustrations of how to depin Honda connectors? Two Honda/Acura technical service bulletins (TSBs) offer help. These TSBs are both also available through ebscohost.com. The honda-tech.com thread below may also help.





Where can I find a guide for disconnecting Honda electrical connectors? See your Honda's Shop Manual Electrical Section, under Troubleshooting, "Tips and Precautions." E.g.UK Site Manual Electrical Page.


When I absolutely have to cut wires and connect new ones, and I do not want to solder, what connectors are best? Radio Shack's T-connectors seem pretty good. I see them a lot on Hondas at the junkyards. Eric at Honda-Tech.com recommends bullet connectors:

Eric wrote a great OEM cruise control DIY guide (linked at Cruise Control).  See Ebay or maybe Radio Shack for bullet connectors. Butt connectors often seem to loosen, especially if one is in a tight space and cannot get a good crimp on them. Try using liquid electrical tape on the ends of any connector you use. Harbor Freight sells the liquid electrical tape.


What can help me crimp connectors in tight spaces? A ratcheting crimping tool is something to consider for this. It sold for around $15 at Harbor Freight in 2008.


What is the best way to de-solder joints on a circuit board? You can easily remove old solder from circuit board joints with a de-soldering iron. In 2008, Radio Shack was selling them for around $11. See below.

This is a very easy to use tool, and I recommend it. 


Resources for help with soldering circuit boards:




What can help me check continuity, resistances and voltages on a circuit board? I use sewing needles for my multi-tester's probles as shown below. Using the large non-pointed end of the sewing needle as the proble is often better.