Maintenance & Repair Resources
OEM parts sites, including excellent drawings, that I have used for purchases or would consider using and to aid with repairs:
  • Great drawings; OEM part numbers; Illinois. To help locate a part on your Honda, go to's home page. On the left, click on the model and part category. Filter by year. Click on the part name, then click on "View: >> Diagram" at the bottom.
  • Ebay Search using the model name and keywords for the part. A photograph is often available to help you find the part on your Honda. Some Honda parts sold on Ebay are OEM; some are aftermarket. Research carefully; caveat emptor.
  • Since about 2003, the number of online Honda OEM parts sites has increased dramatically. In particular many dealerships now offer online parts purchases with "discounted internet pricing." Shipping and handling charges can vary a lot, so shop around. Google using words like {online OEM honda parts [my state]}, and many hits may come up. In December, 2007, my Honda Civic was due for some new ignition wires. I googled using the above keywords and found a great price at a local dealer only five miles away. So no waiting and no paying the shipping cost. The dealer parts department did ask me to bring a printout from its web site of the parts I desire at every visit.

OEM oxygen sensors at great prices (at least for my 1991 and 1993 Civics):

  • Denso is the OEM manufacturer of O2 sensors on many Hondas.
  • Consider buying a universal fit but otherwise OEM oxygen sensor. Splicing the wires of a universal fit is a little more work but my first attempt works fine. Look up Denso's universal fit OEM stock #s at the site above. Then google or go straight to Amazon or maybe Ebay. Amazon had the best deals on OEM universal fit oxygen sensors for my 93 Civic in summer, 2008.
  • NTK may be the OEM manufacturer of newer Hondas' oxygen sensors. Check Amazon and Ebay for same.

Starter contact kits, with instructions (thanks Curly!):

Online manuals and help:
  • As of 2009, is selling shop manuals on CD for under $10. 
  •, free downloadable manuals.
  •, free downloadable manuals.
  • web site. On the left, click on "Repair Info," then "Vehicle Repair Guides." Click on car year, make, and model, etc. The autozone site implies that its source for the Honda procedures is Chilton's via Delmar, a publishing company for automotive training guides.
  • Not yet as active as but with similar origins.
  • Ask your public library if they have a username and password for ebscohost. Then login for free. Click on "Auto Repair Reference Center." The "Wiring Diagrams" and "Service Bulletins and Recalls" sections are especially helpful. The "Repair Procedures" and "Maintenance Intervals" sections seem to lean towards the generic. Worse, I have found notable discrepancies with these latter two sections and the Factory Service manuals. The Ebsco site's Honda procedures contain the following acknowledgment: "The Publisher expresses appreciation to Honda Motor Company, Ltd., for their generous assistance." Unfortunately, I do not think one can infer much from this.
  • As of 2009 the well-known UK site's manuals are still there; the web master just seems to change the main link to them fairly often. Fish around and you will find them.
For an Owner's Manual (which includes the maintenance schedule):
  • Go to site Click on "Owner Link." A new window will open. Click on "Register Today." When done registering, login etc. Click on "Service/Maintenance," then "Maintenance Schedule," then "Owner's Manual," then either "View or download" or "Order online." If downloadable, the file is in PDF format and with a dial-up connection will take several minutes to download. Recall info specific to one's car is also available at this Honda site. Look for the pointers. One caveat: I have found errors in this site's online maintenance schedules.
Some popular sites authored by Honda enthusiasts:
Junkyards and second-hand, a great source for inexpensive, used OEM parts:
  • U-Pull-And-Pay, nationwide, prices given online, location of specific models and years printed out at yard.
  •, has search engine that automatically puts you into touch with numerous yards about the part you need.
  •, use keywords such as {parting out civic}.
  • Search your yellow pages for "Auto Wreckers & Salvage" or similar words.
  •, online searchable inventory.
  • Other
Timing Belt Change Intervals, Normal Service
All except 3.2L Passports are interference.

1976-93 = 60,000 miles
1994-96 = 90,000 miles
1997-04 = 105,000 miles

1973-89 = 60,000 miles
1990-96 = 90,000 miles
1997-00 = 105,000 miles
2001-04 = 110,000 miles

1980-89 = 60,000 miles
1990-96 = 90,000 miles
1997-01 = 105,000 miles

1997-01 = 105,000 miles

1995-96 = 90,000 miles
1997-04 = 105,000 miles

1994-97 = 60,000 miles
1998-99 = 75,000 miles
2000-02 = 105,000 miles
Note: 3.2 Liter Passports are non-interference.

2003-04 = 105,000 miles

Acura Integra & Legend
1986-89 = 60,000 miles
1990-96 = 90,000 miles
1997-01 = 105,000 miles