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This class, taught by Dr. Jeffrey Weinstock at Central Michigan University, consisted of meaningful exploration of archetypal texts of the Western world, from ancient times to modern society. The class, entitled Western Cultural and Intellectual Traditions, explored a variety of influential works, including Plato’s Republic, Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Dante’s Inferno, More’s Utopia, Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and Cervantes’ Don Quixote. We analyzed how different authors portrayed their ideas of what constitutes a utopian society, as well as their evaluation of human nature and the perception of reality. The examination of history and culture from a literary perspective revealed the evolution of thought and civilization over time. Each book introduced new concepts and reformed the accepted workings of the past. This class had a unique discussion-based setup that allowed us to develop critical thinking and learning skills. We delved deep into the themes of these works, and then received the opportunity to display our comprehension through written essays of both traditional and creative arrangements. Overall, this class expanded our understanding of Western culture and allowed us to develop a fresh perspective on the world in which we live.

        This Yearbook consists of a compilation of projects that members of the class have completed over the course of the year. The class was divided into teams, each team being responsible for leading the class for a day to represent one author. On this site you will find a brief historical background of each author as well as an explanation of the presentation the teams made to the class. Each team also prepared a writing prompt for the class and selected a few to be featured here in the Yearbook. Along with the contributions made by the teams, each member of the class prepared a final project to be included in the Yearbook. The projects ranged from traditional research papers to a creative musical composition and everything in between. The Honors 130 class prepared this Yearbook in order to compile a cohesive collection of our thoughts and experiences over the course of the year.

    Finally, the class would like to extend a sincere thank you to the guest speakers that came into class and introduced each work. We have truly enjoyed your presence in our classroom.

-Maria Kioussis, Stacy Lang, and Shana Trotter      


Plato's The Republic                   Ovid's Metamorphoses                    Dante's Inferno


More's Utopia                       Shakespeare's The Tempest         Cervantes's Don Quixote

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