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homo non-sapiens and unhappiendzz!

homo (humans) are not so sapiens (wise) as they proudly think!

Are humans as we have known each other for millenia on their way out?  Futurologists say YES! Folk in the human sciences are divided! Some religions are optimistic, others pessimistic! Some scientists pessimistic,others not.

You are invited to join the conversation and DO something about it so that each individual homo  can develop more completely human, more efficiently homo and less lazily hobo!

Aphorism:  "Only those who think they are all-knowing,  omniscient - and thus making little gods of themselves - could be sufficiently arrogant to say or even think 'There is no God'. 

When confronted in this way a well-known politician changed her stance 'No, I would say I'm agnostic'. Her astute political mind could not take the further rational step,  "Nothing can be built on lack of knowledge - science is built on knowing. So there can be no agnostic science (i.e. non-knowing knowledge!" Doc Shaphan).


Vignette 01: The scientific findings of B and bb

It was long past midnight but dazzling psychedelic lights were on all over Global City with everything, yes everything, happening on the streets, in the amusement palaces, in the temples, the novo-moral Xs-sX parlours,  the hovercraft futuristic public transport ....


However, the homo sub-sapiens were oblivious of another parallel society of what had been named Papio hamadryas hamadryas by a previous generation of homo sapiens but being old worlders they humbly called themselves Baboons and lived off natural forest foods and used the nights of darkness to replenish their natural physical systems of recuperation, relaxation and self-healing.


This extended family had lived in the forest long before the coming of Global City and its arrogant citizens claiming to be a mixed "Heinz 72 variety" of homo ludens, homo cyberneticus, homo hybridicus, homo mechanicus, hobo sapiens!


They had one law that had to be strictly followed "Be natural, don't out-stink rather follow IN-stinct!" Of course they rabidly discriminated against everything non-baboonic. Such items had to be either eaten or avoided. At the Great Council this was constantly underlined.

Another iron-clad law was to avoid contact with that sub-papio species of spoiled and contra-human humans.

One ominous evening when the B-colony were all asleeep in the forest, two sleepless tweenagers B and bb heard a cacophony of jarring sounds - in sub-sapien dialect "hard rox extravaganza".

As inquisitive tweenagers they couldn't resist the temptation to go and look for themselves. So they quietly slid off their branchbeds, kept a wary eye for possible wild Cats that have better night-sighting and entered the Forbidden City ....... 
 [to be continued as Vignette 01b in the web-page of Doc Shaphan

Jested Truth
"Some scientists make monkeys out of themselves!"
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As homo sapiens   de-volves     in  stead of e-volving and rising to the challenge of being GUBERNETICUS he is devolving into....

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