Ornithosis treatment

" A true fancier is the one who`s birds are always on top, whether they race under his management or somebody elses generation after generation,a true fancier is the one who love competitions and speak highly about his competitors ...Above all ,a true fancier is the one who teach others into the sport and gladly talk about his winning ways "
                                                                                                      Dacian Busecan.


Ornithosis is an infectious disease that affects many bird species worldwide. It can also be transmitted to humans and other mammals. In Germany, ornithosis is a notifiable disease in pigeons.

Chlamydia psittaci. Chlamydia are small, non-motile micro-organisms that invade cells parasitically. Infection occurs via inhalation of stirred-up dust containing the pathogen, uptake of faecally contaminated feed or water, or else billing or feeding of squabs.

Symptoms of the disease:
Ornithosis occurs in 2 forms:

  • The acute form can be recognised in young pigeons from: wheezing noises, uni- or bilateral conjunctivitis and muco-aqueous enteritis with diarrhoea.
  • The chronic form is more often found in adult birds, which, however, show few or no signs of the disease. Pigeons that have recovered are a dangerous source of infection for young pigeons and for humans due to their latent shedding of the pathogen.

Recognition of the disease:

The disease can be demonstrated in dead pigeons by microscopic examination of a smear or impression ("klatsch") preparation of spleen, liver, conjunctiva or air sac that has first been stained using the method according to Stamp. In live birds, the pathogen is demonstrated in faeces, via a sink dab from the cloaca, or alternatively by serological identification of specific antibodies.

Pigeon with half-opened beak  


Breathing with half open beak  another sign of ornithossis in your loft

 Other symptoms of Ornithosis:

One eye blinding
Lack of condition
Nasal secretions
Decreased desire to fly
Scratching the head and beak
Swollen eye lids & wet eyes.
Sneezing, rattling and coughing
Discolored wattles
Slime in the throat

Products for treatment ;

Respiratory Plus (Global)
1 + 1 Cure (DAC)
Spiradac (DAC)
Tylosine (DAC)
Orni-Special (Belgica-DeWeerd)
Ornithosis 3 (Belgica-DeWeerd)
Ornimix W.S.P. (Pantex)

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