Racing Pigeons Motivation



Can We Motivate Pigeons In Order to Obtain Better Results ???
The answer to this question is yes and here is how i do it...
But first let s think of what compels a pigeon to come home,what are the factors that increase  his homing instincts so much that he would ignore and  pass over extreme weather conditions, hunger ,thirst, pray birds attack and even bullets fire...I would like to believe that is the love for us ,the fanciers... believe it or not this plays only a little part on his powerful determination to return home.
What really drives him home is the love for his nest ,for his mate ,for his babies,for his eggs,for his little place inside the loft where he sleeps safely each and every night ,for his food and fresh water that you provide him every day,and hopefuly ,maybe for the love of us ...his master...
From here we can very easy deduct with no shadow of a doubt that this majestic
inteligent one of a kind creatures manifest an extremely strong TERITORYAL feeling ...the love for their home.
A lot of studies have been carried out about the way they guide themselves from the point of release, back to their home...some say their guidence system is similar with the GPS ,others say that they use the magnetic field to find their way back,others say they use the smell,personaly i m glad it s still a mistery ,because this mysteriousity makes us love them so much ...One thing is very clear though...
From the moment the doors are open and they are released ,all they want is to come back home and nothing can stop them...
We all know that some are more gifted than the others ,but what we are interested in, is how we can increase and amplify their homing instinct when we send them to the race in order to achieve the best results
                                                                                                                                 Look inside
Mastering the techniques of motivation and posessing a good family of pigeons
will reveal the true potential of what your birds are realy capable ,representing 
your loft with pride and glory you and your birds will  achieve the ultimate
partnership ...The Winning Partnership...a partneship that we all dream of.
Above all... respect your birds and their feelings ,because it`s their fillings we will be using (in a good decent way of speaking) to obtain our goals.
Observing their behaviour especially prior to racing day is one thing you must have in mind ,and according to that take the right decisions.
Train your birds according to your posibility ...cocks only ...hens only...or all mixed is very important, but when you decide wich system you are going to apply
make decisions for each one of them separately.
Just like humans birds have their own feelings and personality and according to this fact choose wich system will fit better for each and single one of them.
I m gonna present the most common and top given results systems applied to motivate homing racing pigeons .
  1) The Darkness System
  1) The Natural System
   2) The Widowhood System
   4) The Celibacy System
    5) The Jealousy System

    6) The Roundabout System
Out of these  Systems ,the cocks respond extremely well to the widowhood system in term of results speaking ,while the hens respond to all systems  well ,to the natural system especialy for the long and marathon distance races
read more about The Racing Systems
So my friend respect and motivate your pigeons with great care and the results
will amaze you...

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" A true fancier is the one who`s birds are always on top, whether they race under his management or somebody elses generation after generation,a true fancier is the one who love competitions and speak highly about his competitors ...Above all ,a true fancier is the one who teach others into the sport and gladly talk about his winning ways "
                                                                           Dacian Busecan.
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