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I took it upon myself to participate in the Poet Laureate Infinity event by putting together a few mixes of my own.  If you are unfamiliar, in anticipation of the release of the most recent Canibus album For Whom The Beat Tolls Canibus released the song Poet Laureate Infinity.  The song consists of 5 211 bar verses with an almost identical rhyme structure.  When mixed side by side these verses can be used to make an almost endless amount of arrangements/mixes.  In honor of this brilliance I made a few mixes of my own and put them up for free download here.  Enjoy.

Also, be sure to check out these classic Canibus albums as well:

Rip the Jacker

Mic Club: The Curriculum




Check out this video: BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

The acting is corny but the message is important.  Our liberties are vanishing more quickley than a lot of us may realize.  These are some things you can do.  The Police are not above the law(Yet).  The more knowledge we have regarding how to use our rights for our own protection the better prepared we will be to recognize and handle a situation that is in violation of those rights.

Let's delve into this a little bit further... 

A major problem that needs to be addressed is the overwelming ignorance we have of our own potential.  Everywhere we turn there is somebody or something telling us how we should behave.  Why are we listening?  Why do we deem them qualified to tell us how to live?  Think.  Don't just assume someone knows more than you do about a topic just because they say they do.  Even if you know very little about it.  Skepticism is healthy.  Research for yourself,  analyze the information, and come to a rational conclusion.  Don't just accept what you're left with and believe it's your preference.  Don't buy the bullshit.



My bro just launched a website for his production company George Jex Productions.  Check that shit out.



My brother and I are working on another website entitled; it's sure to be a classic.  I'll be spewing random shit, much like I do here, only more often, if all goes to plan.  Stay tuned.



Check out that Canibus album For Whom The Beat Tolls.  Classic shit right there.  Real Hip Hop.

You can find out more info about the album by visitng the following websites:

Canibus on MySpace

On another subject check out the following websites to for an amazing amount of information on all kinds of interesting shit that you may want to educate yourself with.

My bro also has a website up promoting his documentary film Boredom, an epic dedicated to what will undoubtedly emanate when you mix boredom with life long friends, a large family home, a small town in the desert, a white minivan, and a video camera.  The result is anything but.



Welcome to the Homicide Records website.  This is where I'll be updating the news along with my/our opinions on various current events.  Stay tuned.