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99 Things to do on a budget or with no budget at all...

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  1. Fly a Kite
  2. Go Bowling
  3. Play Dress-Up
  4. Learn a Magic Trick
  5. Got to the Park
  6. Take a Stroll Downtown 
  7. Make a Clay Object
  8. Visit a Museum on Discount or Free Days
  9. Go Tabaggoning/Sleding
  10. Take a Walk & Meet Neighbors
  11. Prank call Family members
  12. Make Homemade Pizza
  13. Weight Lift together
  14. Exercise together
  15. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
  16. Take a drive along the Beach
  17. Bird Watch
  18. Play Nerf Football
  19. Go for a Bike Ride
  20. Visit Senior Citizens
  21. Learn to Ballroom Dance
  22. Have a Barbeque
  23. Bake Homemade Cookies
  24. Make an Obstacle Course
  25. Paint each other Toe Nails
  26. Watch a Local Ball Game
  27. Play Games Online
  28. Swim at the Community Pool
  29. Have a Tickle Fight
  30. Visit Friends
  31. Donate stuff to Charity
  32. Blow Bubbles
  33. Visit the Hospital Childrens Ward
  34. Build a Tent & Sleep Outdoors
  35. Horseback Ride
  36. Try a Science Experiment
  37. Have a Three Legged Race
  38. Make a Sock Puppet
  39. Go Ice Skating
  40. Try Snorkeling
  41. Go to Church
  42. Make Homemade Popsicles
  43. Bake & Decorate a Cake 
  44. Decorate a Jacket or Pair Jeans
  45. Roast some Marshmellows
  46. Redecorate a Room
  47. Make some Hot Cocoa
  48. Build a Model Car
  49. Play Music & Sing Karaoke
  50. Make a Milkshake or Slush Drink
  51. Write Letters to Family & Friends
  52. Tell each other Jokes
  53. Play Video Games
  54. Face Paint each Other
  55. Build a Sandcastle
  56. Roller Skating
  57. Start a Blog
  58. Water Balloon Fight
  59. Make Lemonaide
  60. Visit the Thrift Store
  61. Do Shadow Puppets
  62. Plant in the Garden
  63. Visit the Local Fair/Festival
  64. Ride on a Horse Driven Carriage
  65. Make up Tongue Twisters
  66. Visit the Local Library
  67. Get a Temporary Tattoo
  68. Make  a Lego Structure
  69. Put together a Puzzle
  70. Make a Movie with your Camcorder
  71. Take a stroll to the Ice Cream Parlor
  72. Learn to Juggle
  73. Play a Sport
  74. Make Mud Pies
  75. Play Kick Ball
  76. Take a nice Hike
  77. Take a Bubble Bath
  78. Play Freeze Tag
  79. Visit the Pet Store
  80. Dye your Hair a Crazy Color (Temporary)
  81. Paint something or Finger Paint
  82. Have a Squirt Gun Fight
  83. Get a Massage or Pedicure
  84. Walk the Local Mall
  85. Window Shop & Try on Clothes
  86. Hang out in a Book Store
  87. Take Funny Photos & Scrap them
  88. Play Board and/or Card Games
  89. Visit Builder Open Houses
  90. Do a Craft Project
  91. Take a Jog
  92. Have a Picnic
  93. Furniture Shop
  94. Visit the Local Zoo
  95. Have a Pillow Fight
  96. Tell Spooky Stories
  97. Have a Scavenger Hunt
  98.  Rent a Movie & Pop Popcorn
  99. Make Paper Airplanes