1st ACM Workshop on Systems and Infrastructure
for the Digital Home


ACM HomeSys 2012

September 8th, 2012 - Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Held in conjunction with Ubicomp 2012


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PC Chairs:

Tom Rodden
University of Nottingham

Anmol Sheth

Previous Workshops:

ACM HomeNets 2010
ACM HomeNets 2011

Important Dates:

Paper submission:

8th June 2012 (midnight PST)

1st June 2012 (midnight PST)

29th June 2012

Camera ready:
July 9th 2012

July 6th 2012

Workshop date:
September 8th 2012

Accepted papers are listed here!

Ubiquitous computing has often presented the future digital home as a mix of rich computing, networking and sensing infrastructure that seamlessly interacts with the inhabitants to enable new and enjoyable experiences, applications and services. Today’s reality, however, is far from that. The digital home has already migrated into many homes in a piecemeal manner. The home of today is a complex mix of heterogeneous technologies, operating with limited coordination, and certainly not offering the set of services originally imagined. Furthermore as the number of devices inside the home and their functionality continue to increase, the complexity involved in managing, troubleshooting and securing digital technology in the home will become a major overhead for users and a barrier to the adoption of new technology.

Overcoming these barriers requires a user-centered approach to developing systems for the digital home. Such an approach would provide careful considerations to the needs of inhabitants in the home who may lack the technical skills needed to setup, manage and secure digital systems or the inclination to do so.

HomeSys will foster this approach by bringing together researchers and practitioners from the multiple disciplines of networking, systems, HCI, ubiquitous computing and security. HomeSys will provide a platform to share new ideas and experiences and to discuss the challenges and important questions posed by today’s and future technology in the digital home. HomeSys builds upon the two successful ACM SIGCOMM HomeNets workshops (20112010) and aims to be the premier workshop for user-centered digital home technology.

We solicit stimulating, original, previously unpublished ideas on completed work, position papers, and/or work-in-progress papers. We further encourage papers that propose new research directions or could generate lively debate at the workshop.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • User centered methods and techniques for home systems development
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting and management of systems and infrastructure
  • Deployments and assessments of home systems
  • Automatic and user driven approaches to the configuration of digital home systems
  • Networked digital home applications and measurements (Video Streaming,  Games, etc).
  • User interfaces for complex digital home systems
  • Home networking technologies (xDSL/Cable, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3/4G, femto cells, power lines, satellite, sensor networks)
  • Studies of inhabitants use of digital technology in domestic settings
  • Smart technologies for home utilities (e.g., smart grid).
  • Users understandings of environmental monitoring technologies.
  • Incorporation of mobile devices within home networks and home systems
  • Studies of mobility and the link between home and other environments
  • Cloud-aware Home Infrastructures
  • Security and privacy issues in digital home systems
  • Home infrastructures and neighborhood/community infrastructures.
  • Home automation with novel sensing technologies
  • Tools and interfaces for digital home systems
News and Updates:

18th July:
List of accepted papers can be found here

16th July:
Instructions for the camera ready papers are included on the submission guidelines page

4th July:
Camera ready deadline is Monday July 9th

30th May:
Deadline extended to 8th June (midnight PST)

18th May:
Submission site is up here

18th April:
HomeSys 2012 website setup