Homestead Recorders is an award winning, full-service, state of the art audio production facility in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Since 1985 the name Barry Allen has been synonymous with Homestead, as he has been the owner as well as the chief music producer/engineer. HomeStead delivers the highest quality in audio & music production and is considered one of the most prestigious studios in western Canada.

Homestead's history spans back to the earliest recordings of Canadian music legend, KD Lang. Hundreds of bands, groups, advertising agencies, and thousands of musicians have worked in the building. Some of the most notable being The Corb Lund Band, Captain Tractor, Adam Gregory and Wide Mouth Mason , who have recorded here on numerous occasions including for the album Stew which was produced with Big Sugar’s Gordie Johnson.

Barry's dedication to his clients has led to numerous recording awards.

Barry's dedication is not only with his own clients but also within the industry. Barry is a member of the Alberta recording association and has supported local events such as the annual folk festival. In Edmonton, Homestead's reputation has always been second to none regardless of the type of project we're working on. Whether it be a full album music project, pre-production, an original jingle or corporate composition, broadcast radio & TV creative & production, or anything in between when it matters bring it to Homestead.