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The Right At Home (RAH) Homeschool Soccer Club is a recreational soccer club, not a competitive league. *Our
primary purpose is to build character and sportsmanship while having fun playing soccer. No matter what your child's skill level, we want to encourage all players to play as a team, encouraging one another, and making new friends in their own age group (ages 5-18). This is not a drop-off program. This club runs strictly on parental and sibling volunteers. All parents "eyes and ears" are greatly appreciated.
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Fall Soccer 2020 Dates
Fridays, Sept 11th-Oct 30th
Practice/Scrimmage Fridays 1:50 – 4:00p, (*4/5 Year Olds Play 1:50-3pm)

Registration Day 8/5/20 3-5pm

Soccer registration is in the final steps of completion. If you registered in the spring, your soccer fees will carry over to the fall season. ALL families must submit the new Covid 19 waiver and new updated registration forms located in the left hand column under "Registration Days". Submit all forms by the extended deadline of Monday, August 10th.  Please send an email to BaTeamPlayer@yahoo.com for registration drop box location, mailing address, or to notify organizers that your forms are on the way.

**With the exception of families previously registered in the spring, the club is not accepting any new registrations at this time. Please check back for spring soccer details. Spring registration is held in March.

A BIG thank you to Darcy Robblee for many seasons of coordinating homeschool soccer! She generously volunteered and invested her time & energy (on top of being a busy mom!) to make soccer happen for our community! It's been a blessing to many having the home school soccer opportunity.  Her military family has relocated and will be greatly missed! Thank you for your service to our homeschool community and to our country! :) 

*Homeschool soccer is a homeschool family event! This is NOT a drop off program. Parents must remain at the park while their child is playing soccer.
 If soccer is cancelled, it will be posted right here. Please check back to verify that there is no cancellation notice. We will post cancellation on Fridays asap.  RAH Soccer relies on the county to decide whether the fields are open and to inform our club of closure in a timely manner.
*If your child has health concerns: Click on "General Soccer Information" in the left column and read attachment "Children with Health Concerns"
*The Woodgrove park is maintained and monitored by the Loudoun County Parks and Rec. Division. Let's all pitch in and make sure the fields are left in the same condition they were when we found them. Please pick up any equipment, belongings or garbage left on the field and bring it to the appropriate location. Thanks for you help!
*In order to prevent dehydration, parents please make sure your children come to soccer with a water bottle.








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