German Homeschooling Refugees from Sweden

With homeschooling illegal in Germany because of an old nazi law, one German family sought refuge in Sweden so that they could enjoy nature and homeschool their children. Little did they realise that they would become refugees (from Sweden) from the same totalitarianism that they had known back home!

Names, locations and some details have been changed to protect the anonymity of the family. The family fled from Sweden in October 2009 after the Social Services started making threats.

German Refugees from Sweden

Dear Mr. Warren

We have been living for 3 years in Sweden, but even before we moved here, we were often in Sweden travelling in the summertime. A few years ago we bought a house in the countryside and moved to Sweden. (We come from western Germany). In Germany there is no way to live in freedom in a natural environment and education otherwise is not a possible option. In Sweden, we thought, there could be a chance for us and our kids learning in peace and freedom in a simple natural environment. What we experienced is that the Swedish people do not accept lifestyles which are different to what they are familiar with.
We appealed against  the avslag (refusal to allow Homeschooling) and we know about the almost uncontrolled power that the social authorities exercise and how arbitary it is.


Werner & Sofie
Ccm Warren,
Nov 14, 2009, 8:01 AM