Hemundervisning som aktivt val


The aim of this paper is to look into the occurrence of home schooling by choice in Sweden. It
examines the subject of home education in order to provide an informative overview. It also
looks into the legal aspects of the matter to see whether freedom of choice is an issue here
when it comes to choosing a certain type of teaching for children of compulsory school age. A
further purpose is to provide a comparison of home education in Sweden and in other
countries such as the United States, England and Norway.

In order to do this we have carried out a secondary analysis of previous research and have also
interviewed teachers as well as people with experience of home educating their own children.
To accomplish this, we had to look to England for literature and home educating families as
home education is a much more common practise in England.

The result of this paper strongly indicates that home schooling is not only a legally viable
option to traditional schooling, both in Sweden and the other countries concerned, but that it is
also a trend that is expected to increase. This is more than likely due to the modern society of
today where freedom of personal choice is increasingly demanded by the general public and
where the rule of collective culture and thinking perhaps is becoming a thing of the past.

Key words:
Home education as an active choice, Freedom of choice, Education act

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