Hell in Sweden - An American Mother Reports

If only I had looked into the school system before moving to Sweden, I would not be here now! For those who are comming across this site now and have not yet moved to Sweden think twice. Maybe after reading these blogs you might think, hey, it can’t be that bad. Well, I am here to tell you YES it it. This is hell for me, I have three kids attending a private school here in Sweden and I am told that it is one of the best schools in the city. My kids are learning nothing. My oldest is having a hard time to fit in and has been asked if he is scared of his mom. He confronted me with confusion [as] to why they would ask him that. Not only that but his teacher tells me that he misses many of the lessons because he goes out of the class and often sits alone. Well, well well, I asked her how that was possible that he could get away with it and her answer to me was that she did not always see him and could not leave the class to go get him all the time and was not willing to loose her job over one student. Let me add that he only sits right out side the door and is about 2 footsteps to where he is. I then asked why doesn’t he have to raise his hand and notify you when he leaves. Her reply was that he does and it is not allowed but yet what is being done to prevet it and why is it that schools in the USA have the same amount of students and teachers have full controll of all their students. Not to metion many of them are alone while here at this school there is one main teacher with an assistaint who is fritid (freetime) personel who is always there as well. Oh, I could just go on and on but I want to make a comment about the last post which after reading from someone who has been attending school here in Sweden shoud be enough to stop anyone from bring there children into this school system. The person above says that they enjoy their school and are considered equal to their instructer but yet admits to not learning anything. Need I say more. I think that comment is justification in itself. The Swedish school system is absolute catastrophe!