An Immigrant on Sweden

by Tim Finucane, Sweden
I have lived and worked in Sweden since 1985 and am familiar with the anti-home education policy, as this was made aware to me by crusaders such as Jonas Himmelstrand. There are many wonderful things here, but I have to say that I have been disappointed each new time I discover the depth of hypocrisy here. Equality, equal opportunity, human rights, transparency, neutrality, justice, integration of immigrants, etc, etc - much of this is not the way it is made to look so beautiful. We have the highest rate of unemployment among youths in the EU. More women do traditional womens' work than in any other developed country. Immigrants have a 5% chance of finding a job that matches their ability and qualifications - and for some it will take 20 years to find that job (according to the latest research). Sweden has enjoyed NATO membership since its inception without ever officially being a member. State enforced sterilisation of 20-30,000 women was standard practice between 1934 and 1976 (because they were not genetically good enough). Children born in Sweden from one or both immigrant parents are labelled '2nd generation immigrant' - except those who appear to be 100% Swedish (like 3 of my kids). Etc, etc. Dominic [Johannsson] will never be allowed to home school because the Swedish State thinks it has all the best answers and probably also because his mother is from India. This is the way it works here. Even the cakes in all the bakeries look the same everywhere, because in Sweden there is sadly little room for 'doing things differently' . Different in Sweden = dangerous or at best suspicious. Even Zlatan cannot play football as well in Sweden as he does abroad!"

Why aren't the people of Sweden swarming the house where this child is being held, breaking down the door, rescuing and returning this child to his parents? For the love of freedom, do something!"