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20 August 2009

TO :
Me. Johanna Lind
Embassy of Sweden
P.O. Box 13477
Fax: (012) 426 6464

Dear me. Lind

It has come to the attention to the Association for Homeschooling that the Swedish Government plans
to introduce a new school law that will effectively ban homeschooling in Sweden, except in a few
extreme cases.

It is generally acknowledged in international law that parents are in the best position to decide what is
in the best interest of their children. This includes the decision on which type of education is in the
best interest of the child, whether it be home education or school education. The proposed school law
will unfortunately take away the freedom of parents to decide which type of education will be in the
best interest of their children. Especially in the light of numerous studies that have proved beyond
reasonable doubt that home education produces better results than school education.

During the period of apartheid, home education was illegal in South Africa. The parents Andre and
Bokkie Meintjies were jailed in 1994, and their children were placed in an orphanage, because they
educated their children at home. However a few years later the Nelson Mandela government legalised
home education in South Africa with the publication of the South African School Act in 1996. Since it
was legalised, homeschooling has grown exponentially in South Africa.

In Germany, homeschooling parents are currently been prosecuted on the basis of a ban on
homeschooling introduced by the Nazi government in 1938. Uwe Romeike, a music teacher, and it’s
family have fled from their home country to the United States. Because they fear that they will lose
custody over their children, be jailed or have their bank accounts confiscated, if they return to
Germany, the family has applied for political asylum in the United States.

The Association for Homeschooling would like express it’s disappointment with the intentions of the
Swedish Government to follow in the footsteps of the Apartheid and Nazi governments with the
banning of home education. The Association would like to urge the Swedish government to
reconsider it’s plans in the light of the research on home education and the rights of parents as
described by international law.

Yours sincerely

Bouwe van der Eems
(Chairman : Association for Homeschooling)