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Stop the New Swedish Education Law!

by Mia ZabolotskajaJune 4, 2010 at 9:14am

Sweden's school performance has been steadily declining for years and it is one of the reasons that the new Education Act would do some thorough changes to improve this development.

The idea is probably not wrong, but what about the methods? 

Education minister Björklund has stressed that "none of us want to be operated by an unauthorized physician. Our students should not be taught by unqualified teachers. " 

Well the school minister has an officer degree and does not seem possible to reach with the help of facts, research and experience about how alternative types of schools often do better than the school he favors. 

The options will become fewer and narrower if the new Education Act is going through. 
Sweden will get one of the world's most restrictive and statecontrolled school and because any options are redundant in a school that is already so "universal and objective" (which was the new school laws referral, a strange argument for why home education is superfluous). 

During the autumn consultation reviewed the opinions of the Ministry of Education and December 15, 2009 was published as the Council on Legislation. This is the basis for the final bill as being put forward to parliament for decision in the spring. The positive tone of the Education Act proposal has been modified in a negative direction for Waldorf schools. 

Particularly noticeable is that the text of the curriculum Chapter 10, § 4, where the major limitation has been removed. So here it was: 

"The Government or the authority which the Government may issue detailed regulations on the curriculum. Such regulations may mean deviations for independent schools with particular educational approach." 

Now it only emphasizes that all schools should follow the same curriculum, something the Minister for Education Jan Björklund also stressed during a press conference. Meanwhile, National Agency for Education has developed a new curriculum for primary schools to replace the old Lpo94 and more detail-driven. 

"- We have talked to politicians and pretty much all attest that Waldorf should be retained. They want diversity. While we're talking about that all children are entitled to the same body of knowledge. But it is not possible to guarantee the same kind of education anywhere. Even within the same pedagogical field. Knowledge can not produce that way. So what they're talking about just a multiplicity of ownership, not a diversity of different pedagogy.
If the issue is not resolved, Goran Sjölin is prepared to go the legal route. With theLisbon Treaty came into force on 1 December 2009, Sweden is committed to offering an educational diversity. " 


Write and protest to the politicians!: 

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