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Refugess FROM Totalitarian Sweden

Hard to believe because of all the propaganda about Sweden being the most free and democratic country in the world but it is true - native Swedes are fleeing from their own country's totalitarianism following the state kidnapping of Dominic Johannsson and destroying his family because his parents homeschooled their son. 

Every now and then Sweden exposes a communistic/fascistic, totalitarian head, as it did between the two world wars and after it in forcibly sterilising women who did not conform to the then government's vision of a Swedish master race. Now they're doing something similar to homeschoolers who are looked down upon as "untermenschen" or subhuman in the corridors of political power. 

Where are these Swedish victims of oppression heading? To freedom in neighbouring Finland, a country that knows all about the preciousness of freedom when it valiantly fought for its independence against an aggressive totalitarian foe which invaded its borders in 1939 and tried to subjugate it. Only Finnish resistance and bravery stopped the tyrant.

Totalitarianism is raising its ugly head in Sweden again. The victims this time: homeschoolers. Who knows who's next.The purpose of this webpage is to expose this manace to freedom and democracy and to fight for homeschoolers' rights. You may not be a homeschooler but you may be next if the latest band of social engineers decides you don't fit into their new "utopia".  Please support us by getting to know the issues, telling the media and petitioning Swedish politicians.