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There are two types of visual learning styles. They are linguistic and spatial. Liguistic visual learners remember information better when they read it or write it down.  Spatial visual learners remember better by seeing pictures, charts, graphs, videos, or live performances.  Spatial visual learners need to have something to focus on visually to keep their attention during a lecture or they will lose their concentration. Visual learners don't retain what they hear for very long, they need visual cues to help them retain information.

Children who are spatial visual learners should:

  • Use their imagination to make mental pictures     
  • Draw a diagrams to reinforce what is heard
  • Make pictures and graphic organizations 
  • Take notes in colored pencils
  • Highlight and underline key concepts
  • Make Lists 
  • Read information that has to be learned
  • Use flashcards, charts, graphs, maps, timelines, handouts
  • Use demostrations, videotapes and filmstrips

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