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The traditional approach, structured approach and school-at-home are all interchangable names for the method that brings the traditional classroom into the home.  This approach most closely resembles a conventional, institutional classroom education.  Athough the child is taught at home, the curriculum is similar or identical to what would be taught in a public or private school.  The same textbooks used in conventional schools are often used.

 "All-in-one" curriculums, also called school-in-a-box, are often used for this homeschooling method.  These are comprehensive packages that contain all of the needed books and materials for the whole year.  These materials are based on the same subject-area expectations as publicly run schools which allows for easy transition back into the school system. 

These are among the more expensive options for homeschooling, but they require minimal preparation and are easy to use.  Step-by-step instructions and extensive teaching guides are provided.  Some include tests or access information for remote testing.  Many of these programs allow students to obtain an accredited high school diploma.

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