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Most religious homeschool curriculums involve studying a religious text from a church, synagogue, or other religious institution as part of their standard curriculum.  In many cases,  other school subjects are integrated with religion and are approached and taught from a religous perspective.

The christian homeschool curriculum is designed to teach Biblical principles and develop christian character in students.   Bible teaching and scripture study are foundational to all other learning. 

Some christian homeschool curriculums are comprehensive packages that contain all of the needed books and materials covering each subject for the whole year.  They provide instruction and guidance for the teaching the material.

There are also online christian school programs. Some of these programs allow students to interact with teachers and peers thorugh online chats, instant messaging and message boards.  Many of these programs offer the student the opportunity to earn an accredited high school diploma.  Online homeschool programs are preferred by parents who are uncomfortable taking on the full responsiblity of teaching.

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