How To Prepare For Homeschooling

Making The Decision


Making The Decision

Find Out Your State's Requirements

Determine Your Child's Learning Style




Research Homeschooling Methods

The Charlotte Mason Method

The Classical Method

The Montessori Method

Religious Method

Traditional / Structured / School-At-Home Approach

Unit Studies / Integrated Studies / Thematic Unit


Online Distant and Community Learning

The Eclectic Method

Determine The Cost

Curriculum / Learning Materials

Sample Eclectic Curriculum

Shop for Curriculum Materials

Supplies / Equipment / Furniture

Other Resources

Set Up & Organize

The most popular reasons for homeschooling are:

  • Religious or moral
  • Dissatisfaction with the school system
  • Flexibilty and convenience
  • Child has professional career (actor, entertainer, etc.)
  • Child has special needs or a physical disability
  • Child is gifted and needs a challenge or accelerated learning

Important things that need to be considered:

Cost:  Homeschooling can be inexpensive or can cost as much as a public or private school education. Whether it is economical or costly depends on the equipment, curriculum and other supplemental materials thar are purchased.

Income Sacrifice:  The parent who will be teaching usually can't work outside the home full-time, which means giving up a second income for two-income families.

Time and Energy Required:  The time commitment required for lesson preparation, projects, grading papers and recording grades extends well beyond the school day.  Spending the days teaching and the evenings doing other school related tasks leaves very little personal time or time for doing household chores.  It is important that the  whole family be invested in helping around the house in order to make things run smoothly.

Patience:  Parents and chidren alike, require patience because they will be spending most of their time together. Patience is also required for children who experience difficulty learning or understanding assignments.

Space:  A well organized, designated area for teaching and learning is an important factor in providing a good learning environment.

Socialization: Parents need to find additional activities and opportunities for children to socialize with others.

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