How To Prepare For Homeschooling

Find Out Your State's Requirements


Making The Decision

Find Out Your State's Requirements

Determine Your Child's Learning Style




Research Homeschooling Methods

The Charlotte Mason Method

The Classical Method

The Montessori Method

Religious Method

Traditional / Structured / School-At-Home Approach

Unit Studies / Integrated Studies / Thematic Unit


Online Distant and Community Learning

The Eclectic Method

Determine The Cost

Curriculum / Learning Materials

Sample Eclectic Curriculum

Shop for Curriculum Materials

Supplies / Equipment / Furniture

Other Resources

Set Up & Organize

The laws and requirements for homeschooling vary by state.  It is  important to know these state laws and regulaions before homeschooling is started.  It is equally important to stay informed and to keep up with updated laws as they change.

In most cases paperwork has to completed or required forms have to filled out before homeschooling can be started. Each state has some type of procedure in place for providing notification of the intent to homeschool to the school district.

A brief summary of the homeschooling laws for each state is provided by the Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

The National Home Education Network also provides information on state homeschooling laws and regulations.

The information on these websites may not be all inclusive, therefore, the state's department of education office should be contacted for more in-depth information.

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