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Auditory learners learn best by hearing information.  they can usally remember more accurately when information is explained to them orally. There are two types of auditory learning styles. They are listening and verbal. Listening learners receive information most effectively by hearing it. Verbal learners need to hear themselves say the information in order to commit it to memory. 

Auditory learners have dificulty reading silently for long periods and taking timed tests that must be read and written.  They have strong language skills, which include a well-developed vocabulary and an appreciation for words. By acknowledging that auditory learner's need to verbalize and be stimulated verbally, the following adjustments can be made to teach auditory learners more effectively:

  • Allow oral answers on quizzes and tests
  • Make information into memorable rhymes or catchy songs
  • Allow reading out loud
  • Assign audio reports and oral presentations
  • Encourage story telling and participation in discussions
  • Record lessons for review
  • Work through problems orally
  • Use audio books
  • Sound out words phonetically
  • Verbal games


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