How To Prepare For Homeschooling



Making The Decision

Find Out Your State's Requirements

Determine Your Child's Learning Style




Research Homeschooling Methods

The Charlotte Mason Method

The Classical Method

The Montessori Method

Religious Method

Traditional / Structured / School-At-Home Approach

Unit Studies / Integrated Studies / Thematic Unit


Online Distant and Community Learning

The Eclectic Method

Determine The Cost

Curriculum / Learning Materials

Sample Eclectic Curriculum

Shop for Curriculum Materials

Supplies / Equipment / Furniture

Other Resources

Set Up & Organize



How To Prepare For Homeschooling


You will find plenty of information here to get you started and on your way to homeschooling.  Take a look around and learn as much as you can.  The goal is for you and your family to enjoy your homeschooling experience and have a good time as you work together. Any new endevour can be scary at first, but once you're armed with enough information, you will have the confidence that you need to successfully move forward, do a great job and have fun along the way.  I wish you and your family the best as you prepare to embark on your homeschooling journey and share many new learning experiences.

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