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Percussion- 10/11

May 25th
Concert material:
1) 16 bar March
2) off beat March w/ dynamics
3) 6/8 time and triplet feel
4) 6/8 March
5) Combo March in 6/8
6) Combination March of Madness

May 18th
Gray book: Pg. 24 #13-24
*Combo March in 6/8

May 11th
Gray book: Pg. 24 #1-6
Blue book: Pg. 53 #1-11

May 4th
Pg. 17 Blue Book
Pg. 16 bar exercise using right hand led method

April 27th
Cont. Practice 6/8 March

April 20th
Practice 6/8 March

April 13th
Practice the 6/8 exercises handed out

March 30th
Work on "2nd Line" snare drum pattern
Reminder: No classes next week for Spring Break.

March 23rd
Review Ensemble drum beats

March 16th
Homework: Review 8th, 16th and triplet exercises 

March 9th
Work on all songs for Concert!!

March 4th
Concert Material:
Saints w/ Chords
Hotel California
Simple Gifts
I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

March 2nd
Write out your parts for Mozart Melody
(Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

February 23rd
Pg. 19 in Blue Book, 16 Bar exercises

February 19th
Pgs. 18-19 #1-15 in Blue Book

February 9th
Practice Triplet studies in the blue book

February 2nd
Off beat march with dynamics
* Use right hand led method

January 26th
Off beat march with dynamics
Pgs. 60-61 Blue Book #16-26

January 12th
Pgs 30-31 #8-15

January 5th
*Pg. 49 in blue book #25-28
*20 bar exercise with dynamics

December 15th
Pg 48 #15-28
16 bar March with Dynamics
Combination March

December 1st
Blue Book Page 30 #11-20 
Continue with Marches

November 17th
Homework: Pg. 30 Syncopation book # 1-10
Practice the march that I wrote out.

November 10th
Homework: Practice "Combination March of Madness"

November 3rd
Homework: pgs. 12-13 #1-15

October 27th
Homework: Blue book, page 22-23 #1-15.
Utilize double stroke sticking pattern for 16th note rhythms.

October 20th
Stick Control #13-18
Blue Book Page 20-21 #1-15

October 13th
8-12 in Stick Control
Page 11 #11-15 plus 20 bar exercise in Stick Control

October 6th
Homework #1-15 Syncopation Book
#5, 6, 7 Stick Control