Laryssa Wilson, GRI
License #: 309794

Live Your Story

Everyone is living a story. Sometimes that story leads to finding a special place to call home. A home that best represents your lifestyle, a home that provides security for your family, or a home to begin two lives coming together as one. Other times that story leads to closing a chapter in your life to begin another. Selling your home is an emotional experience. It’s where holidays are celebrated and memories are created. It’s these monumental moments that allow me to be part of my clients lives and sharing those experiences with others is why I enjoy being a Realtor.  Every real estate agent has their own way of approaching their business. As an Accountant and a Realtor, I am able to assist buyers and sellers in making the right real estate decision by educating my clients and paying attention to details. 

For nearly a decade, I have helped buyers buy their dream home; sellers sell their home to move up or move on; and performed thousands of broker price opinions for many financial institutions to aid in their decision making process for homes being evaluated.

I serve the real estate needs of residences in the Rutherford, Williamson, and Davidson County areas of Middle Tennessee. I specialize in first time buyers and move up buyers.

Let your story begin with me.