The Homer Library Volunteer Corps is designed to engage the Homer Township Public Library's teen community through volunteer projects and opportunities. 
Some projects may have an implementation aspect. For example, a storytime project may require the teens to host a storytime hour at the library. Teens designing a fundraising program may be asked to lead the fundraiser. Other projects may be designed as a proposal with information on how the project may be implemented at a future date. Some projects may come to an end with the teen or team discussing why the project is not feasible now or in the future. Many of the projects that do not have an implementation portion will require the teens to create a write-up and a poster presentation.
Many of these projects can be completed alone or within small teams. The level and amount of work and the amount of volunteer hours granted for each project will depend on the number of teens working on the particular project. Teens will be able to form their own team or ask the library for assistance in finding team members.  
Teams and individuals will meet at the library to work on their projects so that library staff can keep track of the time spent on the project. A limited amount of laptops will be available for use during this time. Library staff will assist the teams and individuals with reaching realistic benchmark dates.