When dealing with the pain and annoyance of plantar warts you might need more than one option.The good news is there are various remedies to try so you can heal.

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Bee Propolis To Get Rid Of Plantar Warts

Who needs warts ?  Plantar warts show up on the soles or toes of the feet.
Some people are more likely to get these warts due to genetics. Plantars are not only contagious but they're not very attractive and they are uncomfortable. No one wants to live with the problem. There is a great product you may want to know about, it can help get rid of unsightly plantar warts. It's called "Bee Propolis" and it has many healing properties. Bee Propolis is a  natural substance produced by Honey Bees to protect their hives. Another one of nature's wonderful gifts. Bees are incredible little workers and they benefit mankind in many extremely vital ways.For some people the propolis really works. It's a product that might work for you too.

Say goodbye to warts with bee propolis

The International Journal of Dermatology did a study on bee proplolis. They discovered that propolis was a very effective treatment for warts. Researcher showed that Propolis is a safe therapy method for warts in general,including plantar warts. This is naturally great news for people looking for a natural wart treatment.

Bee Propolis is best in the extract form. Buy the extract and apply it directly to your plantar wart. It will be sticky and is usually brown colored. Allow it to dry after you apply it, then use a bandage if you like. In order to protect the extract from rubbing off, cover it was a bandage or gauze {medical tape will keep it in place, some people say "athletic tape"}.

Some people prefer to amplify the healing effects of bee Propolis by taking it internally as well as applying it externally, directly on the wart. There are Propolis products that you can take orally with drops or you can use capsules.

Not everyone will experience the same success with Bee Propolis. It will take some people less time for it to work,others will take more. Don't worry of the wart starts to turn black around the bottom or "root" area, that means the treatment is working. 

Garlic Cure To Get Rid Of Plantar Warts

Garlic is also referred to as "Russian Penicillin". It has antioxidants that are said to kill bacterial,fungal and viral infections of various kinds. It is amazing. What causes Plantar warts is a virus called "HPV" or "human papillomavirus" . This is within the realm of what garlic can help to cure.

To try this treatment wash your hands and then crush a few garlic cloves.  More or less depending on how much garlic you think you will need. Leave the crushed garlic on the warts as long as possible, several hours is a good amount of time to try for. It's OK to not use this 24 hours a day, because allowing your skin "to breathe" is healthy.

Another garlic method is to take a fresh-cut slice of garlic, and apply it to the wart and the area of skin that is immediately surrounding the wart. Gently press the garlic slice to make contact. When the garlic's liquid has covered the wart and skin area, remove it and apply a bandage.

You might try applying the garlic before going to sleep, or while you're relatively inactive, for example while watching T.V. or reading. If you prefer, you can bandage the wart after applying the crushed garlic. Some recommend covering the wart with olive oil or castor oil, adding a thin slice of raw, fresh garlic {peeled} and then tape the garlic against the wart. Medical tape is one way of securing this bandage treatment. 

 WARNING---Do not use castor oil on children.

Repeat the process daily or as needed. Doing this more than once a day will help. Don't stop using the garlic if you start to see progress. Keep up with the treatments if this seems to work for you, until the wart has entirely disappeared.  Warts will darken as the process of getting rid of them goes on.

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Plantar Wart Facts;

  • Plantar warts are not normally a serious health threat 
  • they appear on the feet
  • often they are caused by environments like pool areas,public showers,locker rooms
  • they typically have a rough or spongy texture
  • Plantar warts are often painful
  • untreated, they can grow into unsightly clusters
  • they are often larger than what they appear because they also grow inward
  • Plantar warts are non-cancerous

Do I have a Plantar Wart on my foot ?